Wednesday, December 13, 2017

In Our Country

In our country

Our feet are the feet of the people.

Our fists are the fists of the people.

Our voices are the songs of the people.

Our words are the words of the people.

The poor people in our country.

We are the tear on the hungry child's cheek.

We are the callous on the old farmer's hand.

We are the wrinkle around the worried mother's eye.

We are the blister on the campesino's foot. 

We are the yearning in the peoples hearts.

And yet...

We are the cloth that wipes away the tear.

We are the hand that joins the work.

We are the word that brings courage.

We are the feet that walk beside the poor.

We are the heart of the people.

In our country.

We are the freedom song.

We are the fist.

We are the feet.

We are.

We are their feet.

We are their fist. 

We are their voice. 

We are their song. 

We are their words.

We are them, and they are us.

In our country. 

- Trevor Scott Barton, Advent, 2017