Saturday, September 25, 2010

Library on a Donkey

I came across this story about a teacher in La Gloria, Colombia named Luis Soriano Bohorque.  He puts a library on a donkey and takes the books to children in the countryside around his village.  He saw that many of the students at his school didn't have books in their homes so they didn't have stories to take them to new places or information to help them do research on topics of interest to them.  He didn't turn a blind eye to the problem.  Instead, with compassion and creativity, he set up a library in his house and made a portable book shelf/table to use to take up to 100 books up to four hours away from his village.  He lets children read those books while he helps them with his homework.  He is a saint in our world today.

I hope for the same kind of compassion and creativity that comes from Luis' heart for all of us!

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