Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Once I opened a new box of Crayola Crayons. I looked inside of the box and saw all of the beautiful colors, all of the colors of the rainbow, all of the colors of the people of the world, all of those colors and more! There were 64 colors in the crayon box!

As I was gazing at all of those amazing colors, a surprising and wonderful thing happened. The box of crayons spoke to me!

"Excuse me," it asked, "What is your favorite color?"

"My favorite color is yellow," I answered and smiled in wonder at the friendly box of crayons. "Thank you for asking."

The box of crayons smiled back at me and asked simply and profoundly, "Why is yellow your favorite color?"

"That is a great question," I said to my inquisitive friend. "You are the first one to ever inquire why my favorite color is my favorite color."

"Colors are my life," remarked my humble friend.

"Well," I began, "Yellow is my favorite color because it is the color of the early morning sun as it rises over the horizons and hills of Africa where I lived. It warms me. Yellow is the color that moves me in Vincent Van Gogh's paintings. It inspires me. And yellow is the color of my grandpa's freshly shucked corn. It comforts me. When I hold my baby Zeke and kiss him softly on the cheek, I feel yellow. When I read with my 9-year-old Bakary, I feel yellow. As I share life with my wife Robin, I feel yellow. This is why yellow is my favorite color," I reflected.

"Please take my yellow," said my wise, colorful friend, "And hold hands with people who like red and blue and green and orange and purple and all of the other colors inside of me and go out together with them and color the world."

I gladly accepted the yellow crayon, gently closed the lid of my newfound friend, and went out hopefully with color in my heart.

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  1. you already won our hearts with your colourful thoughts..